Andrea Azzola

Tips and Techniques for Lifestyle Design


Hi! I'm Andrea, and like many of us, I like to have my very opinions about life... I always took interest in self improvement communities as a diverse, unbiased source of rational wisdom. I created this website, to collect my musings, my eureka moments and share them with whom might be interested. On this platform I also conceptualize, bootstrap and play with my businesses... you'll find more hints around.

As for the "offline me" well, I would define myself as a minimalist, rational, industrious beast. I read quite a bit, consume tonnes of music, often to be found at the gym. I like clothing (the timeless kind), I like eating, I like meeting people! I work as a B.U. manager in an IT company: my division takes care of designing, building and managing large cloud-based enterprise systems, if you're interested please check out my LinkedIn page.

Best way to get in touch with me is through the contact form, feel free to say hi ;)


Expert Advice

I'm starting using Clarity for providing mentorship, this allows you to cut through the fuss, give me a call and get the advice you need. It's not free so I'll try to be efficient as possible. The platform handles everything and is rich with experts in many different fields.