Andrea Azzola

Tips and Techniques for Lifestyle Design

Hi! I'm Andrea.

and as many of us, I like to form my very own ideas about life... I always took interest in self improvement communities as a diverse, unbiased source of rational wisdom. I created this website, to collect my musings, my eureka moments and share them with whom might be interested. On this platform I also conceptualize, bootstrap and play with my businesses... you'll find more hints around.

As for the "offline me" well, I would define myself as a minimalist, rational, industrious beast. I read quite a bit, consume tonnes of music, often to be found at the gym. I like clothing (the timeless kind), I like eating, I like meeting people! I work as a B.U. manager in an IT company: my division takes care of designing, building and managing large cloud-based enterprise systems, if you're interested please check out my LinkedIn page.

Best way to get in touch with me is through the contact form, feel free to say hi ;)

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