Andrea Azzola

Technology, Personal Development and Financial Independence

Hi! I'm Andrea.

I'm 34, live and work in Bergamo (Italy).

I'm often at the gym, read a lot about technology, self development and novels. Sometimes I make music. Best way to get in touch with me is through the contact form.

My daily job is in managing products, design and build large enterprise systems based on the platform. I coadiuvate mostly with ASP.NET and the Microsoft Azure platform.

Overall, I’ve been in the computer industry for most of my life, I had the chance to accumulate a few expertise in various fields and technologies like:

  • ASP .NET (ADO .NET, Azure, WCF, HTML5, AJAX, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery...)
  • .NET Windows Forms/Batch/Service
  • Database (MSSQL, MySQL: design, maintenance, optimization...)
  • Company Hosting (IIS 6/7, Windows Server, SQL Server...)
  • Trainer (, ASP .NET, PHP)
  • Product manager, consultant