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Consuming .NET Webservices Using PHP and NuSoap

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In my scenario a .NET webservice offers particular encrypting capabilities. I need to consume the webservice with PHP by sending my plain string to get an encrypted one in return. The .NET webservice is working properly. I found the NuSoap library, and adopted it, her the inclusion:


And here the code:

// requires web service's specifications aka wsdl
// $parameters:    
// requires following the array 'notation'
// array('parameters' => (array('text' => 'Hello World!!!')));
// that equals to Hello World!!!
// $proxy (->host, ->port, ->username, -> password)
// optional, uses a proxy server

function consume_webservice($wsdl, $method, $parameters, $debug = false, $proxy = null)
	if ($proxy != null)
		$proxy->host = $proxy->port = $proxy->username = $proxy->password = false;

	$client = new soapclient($wsdl, true, $proxy->host, $proxy->port, 
		$proxy->username, $proxy->password);
	$err = $client->getError();

	if ($err)
		echo 'Constructor error' . $err;

	$result = $client->call($method, $parameters);

	// check for a fault
	if ($client->fault)
		echo 'Fault';
		// check for errors
		$err = $client->getError();

		if ($err)
			echo 'Error' . $err;

	if ($debug)
		echo 'Request' . htmlspecialchars($client->request, ENT_QUOTES);
		echo 'Response' . htmlspecialchars($client->response, ENT_QUOTES);
		echo 'Debug' . htmlspecialchars($client->debug_str, ENT_QUOTES);

	return $result;

This approach works only with soap webservices. Please note that .NET web services includes all response content into a "parameters" section by design.