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Ichigo, an ASP.NET Blogging Engine

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With this post, I intend to leave a trace of the specs of this blog, I've started this project in 2008 and never publicy mentioned it.

Codename is Ichigo, named after Kurosaki Ichigo which is the main character for the popular manga serie Bleach by Mr. Tite Kubo. There's no particular reason for the reference, I just like the manga.

Since then, the blog has been to me like some sort of playground, a place to experiment new technologies, I'll name just a few: Entity Framework, Dynamic Data, URL Routing, AJAX, jQuery, @font-face, OAuth...

On the server side it is powered by:

  • ASP .net Web form - master pages, web user controls, forms authentication
  • .NET Framework 3.5 - code base, entity framework
  • Azure SQL Database
  • Azure Web Sites

At the client side:

  • HTML 5 -  W3C (at time of writing says) it's valid
  • CSS3 - once again W3C blesses me with the green div
  • jQuery
  • highlight.js
  • RSS - custom
  • Sitemap - custom
  • Taxonomy - custom
  • Rich Text editor - CK

Right now the engine it's not meant to be open or offered as a service, I'm not sure I would have the perserverance to mantain it nor I can think of anybody that could be interested in making something with it.

I personally like it the way it is: lightweight, minimal, modern, readable, distraction-free. The logo/favicon is something I made out of a cup of coffee picture with InkScape, because for many developers, coffee is a constant.

The theme is custom, written line-by-line and I'm pretty fond of it, I just can't find another blog theme that I like as much. The font is a DejaVu Serif. The DejaVu font in the sans-serif variant is the font I use on all my Windows workstations.

I still think I'll end up migrating to WordPress or Ghost, which is (at time of writing) the latest hype and for good reasons - but I made no serious commitment to blogging so, it's still nice to have my very own place.